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SD manufactures and sales metal small ware focusing on costume jewellery components. The metal small ware production implies design and manufacturing of dies as well as the actual pressing and the galvanization if required.

Design and production can be offered separately or can be part of a united project. We manufacture custom-made dies with EDM or WEDM and we offer milling on account of manufacture, mechanical assembly and welding.

SD is a family company founded in 1946. It is characterized by competence, experience and promptness to meet the clients' needs. A do-it-yourself store has been recently added to the company, selling metal small ware and costume jewellery components with ready-made accessories and custom-made costume jewellery.

Sesti Bigiotteria

 Die Manufacturing

Die Manufacturing

The company projects and manufactures dies for its clients as well as for its own production of metal small ware for costume jewellery.

 Metal Small Ware

Metal Small Ware

The company designs dies for the manufacturing and shearing of various sorts of metal small ware.

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The store is the right place to find ideas and material to create your own costume jewellery as well as ready-made or custom-made bijoux.

Costume Jewellery Components

We manufacture and sale metal small ware as components for rings, bracelets, necklaces and key rings of high Italian quality costume jewellery.

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