Metal Small Ware

SD projects and manufactures dies for the shearing of a wide range of metal small ware and items.

Different kinds of raw material are used: iron, brass, aluminium, etc.

Sheared components include: kegs, spring-rings, finger rings, clasps, brooches, safety-catches, clips, snap links, terminals, pins, clothes and hairgrips, tubs, collets, tie-pins, sieves, pivots, chains, narrow bends, different kinds of sheared items, hooks, and various components of metal ware.

SD provides, if required, the galvanization of the sheared metal small ware in the following colours and processings:

  • Gold, gold free
  • Silver, silver free, ancient silver
  • Nickel, nickel free
  • Tombac
  • Ancient copper
  • Ancient brass
  • Etc

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